New Patient Process


   Dr explaining Atlas adjustment to patient

First Visit: Gathering Information 

  • Your doctor will discuss your case history, your health goals and concerns and determine whether Atlas Orthogonal (AO) chiropractic care is right for you. The next step is a thorough chiropractic spinal examination. Following the examination, the doctor will take specific x-rays of your Atlas vertebra and cervical spine (The Craniocervical Junction), and if necessary, other areas that may be of concern.
  • Before your next visit, the doctor will review all of your information.  Your x-rays will be analyzed to calculate the exact vectors necessary to align your Atlas vertebra- literally putting your head on straight over the spine. When your head and the rest of your body is in proper alignment then your body will be able to restore health. 
  • Please bring any X-rays, MRI, CT, lab work or reports from any previous health care facilities, these may be very helpful.

Second Visit: Report of findings and first Atlas adjustment

  • We will invite you to watch a short video before seeing the doctor, which clearly explains how the AO adjustment works to align your entire spine. 
  • Your doctor will then review your findings with you and explain in detail the x-ray and examination results.  After answering any questions you may have, you are now ready for your first AO adjustment.  You will be amazed at how gently the advanced percussion instrument adjusts your Atlas vertebra back into alignment.
  • Following your adjustment, the doctor will post check your results, and you will be given a few minutes to lay still and relax.  You will be given post-care instructions to follow after your Atlas correction.
  • Finally, post x-rays will be taken to evaluate the results of the adjustment.

Third Visit: Planning your care

  • The doctor will discuss the course and length of the treatment necessary to stabilize your structure.  Each patient is different and so our recommendations for returning visits vary dependent upon your body's response.  As you begin to make progress and improvement, your treatment plan will adapt with you.
  • Our mission is to help you get well as soon as possible. Most patients can expect to feel an improvement in their health within three weeks to three months.

We look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Christine Lim &  Dr. Garry Krakos.

Atlas re-alignment

Diagram of Atlas vertebra

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