What is Nutrition Response Testing?

  • Non-invasive analysis of the body in order to determine the underlying causes of poor health.
    • Part 1: Analysis of body's current health status.
    • Part 2: Creation of personalized health improvement
    • Diatary Suggestions
    • Whole Food Supplements
    • Positive Changes in 4-6 weeks!
  • Using the autonomic nervous system, the practitioner contacts certain areas of the patients body with her hand and with the other hand, she will test the muscle strength of your extended arm. If the organ/area being tested is "active," the nervous system will reduce the energy to the extended arm and the arm will weaken. This weakening displays an underlying stress or dysfunction which affects your health.


Sugar in Disguise

Supporting Healthy Blood Sugar Metabolism.


Nutrition Response Testing Brochure

What is Nutrition Response Testing?
How does Nutrition Response Testing Work?
Will Nutrition Response Testing Help Me?


Designed Clinical Nutrition

A personalized nutrition plan is created for you; incorporating dietary suggestions and whole food supplements.


Whole Food Multivitamins

Standard Process creates their multivitamins form whole food ingredients to feed your body the important nutrients to achieve optimum health.

Sugar can . . .

  1. Suppress your immune system.
  2. Upset the mineral relationships in the body.
  3. Cause juvenile delinquency in children.
  4. Consumed during pregnancy and lactation can influence muscle force production in children, which can affect an individual's ability to exercise.
  5. Young children drinking soda will drink less milk.
  6. Elevates glucose and insulin responses and return them to fasting levels slower in oral contraceptive users.
  7. Increase reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can damage cells and tissues.
  8. Cause hyperactivity, anxiety, inability to concentrate and crankiness in children.
  9. Produce a significant rise in triglycerides.
  10. Reduces the body's ability to defend against bacterial infections.
  11. Causes a decline in tissue elasticity and function - the more sugar you eat, the more elasticity and function is lost.
  12. Diminishes high-density lipoproteins (HDL).
  13. Lead to chromium deficiency.
  14. Lead to ovarian cancer.
  15. Increase fasting levels of glucose.
  16. Causes copper deficiency.

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